Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Karma test

I took a KARMA test and my result....out of 1,000..i got 826 KARMA POINTs...

"Shine, your personalized test results indicate that over the past year, you've earned826 karma points out of 1000 potential karma points." WHOA!


***In your concerted efforts to do what you can for the greater good, you generate positive karma for yourself and the universe

***Noble actions represent the most direct and literal expression of karma. In other words, when you do something good for someone else, something good will come back to you.

***Karma is different from coincidence or destiny or luck. Karma is the universe's infallible justice system. According to karma, what goes around comes around and you get what you give. Karma states that nothing is by chance or luck. Instead, karma is based on anything you intentionally think, say, or do. According to the laws of karma, your past actions have determined your present life, and your present actions are shaping your future. The generation of karma is an ongoing process. This means that your actions today, or on any given day, will directly affect your lifetimes of tomorrows.

***Karma is known as "natural law," which means that your actions will bring equivalent rewards or punishments regardless of whether another person ever knows about them. In this way, your future is always in your own hands. You have the opportunity to reform or enhance any area of your karma in any given moment. It's believed that by building your individual karma, you guarantee that good things will come to you in the future. Achieving good health, financial well-being, abundant love, and overall satisfaction are felt to be linked to your thoughts, words, and actions. However, according to the Buddhist principles of karma, the effects of your personal karma spread far beyond yourself. Buddhists believe that your karma also impacts the collective karma of a group — be it your family, your community, or the world population. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to use our karma to eliminate suffering for as many people as possible, in addition to ourselves.

Karma can serve as a clear and practical moral gauge that you can use in your everyday life. For example, when you're having negative thoughts about someone else, consider how these thoughts negatively impact your individual karma, as well as the collective karma of the world. Instead of simply indulging in your negativity, you may decide that everyone would be better served if you transformed these ideas into more positive and constructive thoughts.

Karma is like an extension of the Judeo-Christian golden rule: "Do unto others as you'd like to have done unto you." Imagine a future for yourself that entails a bounty of kind thoughts, compassionate words, and caring actions streaming toward you and from you. According to karma, this is an entirely possible outcome, completely in your own power.

There are a variety of popular expressions based on the ideas of karma, including: "You get what you give," "You reap what you sow," and "What goes around comes around.

"Regardless of your spiritual faith, the concept of karma is a useful one in determining how to lead a good life. By monitoring your intended thoughts, words, and actions, you can see for yourself how much good you're putting out into the world, and thus how much you can expect to receive in return.

***Now, friends, do you believe in KARMA?????


If there is one demon that eats a man up and tears him apart, it is the Jealousy Demon. Men have such a terrible time handling jealousy.

Jealousy can make of a gentle man a roaring lion and even a homicidal maniac. The Jealousy Demon has provoked men to kill. It has destroyed more love relationships and collapsed more marriages than you can imagine. The Jealousy Demon is a tricky fellow. He pretends that hedoes his work in the name of love when in truth, he is all about low self-esteem, insecurity and controlling behavior.

Even the most solid man can, of course, get jealous if there is a real reason to be so. You become jealous when you fear losing your beloved. You might feel threatened by someone you sense could move into your relationship and steal your loved one. If you are correctabout your suspicions; if there is really something there; if the threat is real, then you have every reason to be jealous.

If, however, your jealousy is justified, it is because there is a crack in your relationship. Perhaps things are not going well and your beloved is tempted to play with fire. Maybe there is conflict and boredom and your partner is seen looking over the fence for some consolation.

This is when panic sets in and the Jealousy Demon goes to work on you with a fury. You feel threatened. You fear losing the love you cherish. You ask yourself what went wrong, why you are not enough for your beloved. You are hurt and perhaps even insulted because your loved one seems to be looking away and searching for someone else. You sense that you might be losing your grip on the relationship. You might even feel so upset that you wonder if you are going crazy.

If, however, you are jealous for no real reason, then the Jealousy Demon really has you running around in circles. Now you're imagining ghosts that are not really there. You're making accusations that are far fetched and off the wall. Your beloved is as loyal as can be, but you cannot believe it. Your low self-esteem and your lack of confidence in your ability to keep your beloved kick in and cause you to imagine all sorts of threats that only exist in your troubled imaginings.

You suffer even more than the jealous person who is justifiably jealous because you have nothing to go on. You can't prove anything and what you think is a real threat is proven false time and again. You have become paranoid. You are so possessive of your partner that it is difficult for your beloved to breathe.

All this creates a growing level of stress and tension which becomes unbearable after a time. It gravely damages your love and threatens to destroy it. And should your relationship survive and the Jealousy Demon remains firmly entrenched in your heart, then your relationship becomes a real hell. And if there is no true threat, your jealousy becomes a major threat in itself and could, in time, cause the collapse of the very love you want to save.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Where does negative thinking comes from?

Feeling of unworthiness - Self worth determines the quality of life you have..

S – To see yourself the way you would like to be, once you see it, you will feel it(In all areas of life health, wealth, love and success)

E- Elimination of negative thoughts and stop being critical about yourself

L- Loving yourself, despite your short coming and the way you are.“If God is w/in 100%, I am worth loving”

F- Figuring out ways to improve yourself. Begin simply, ask yourself can I improve the way I dress, walk, talk, smile, etc. etc.“if you believe in your heart, truly people like you” by being interested with them.

W- welcoming new ideas and changes…” never close your mind to new ideas”There will be changes in everybody’s life… everything is changing nothing is constant. The river looks the same but the water change.

O- Optimistic about life..One with God every day, all things are good in given time..

R- Remembering others… bday, personal notes of special to the person…How many times have you been given w/out asking.“ Before you call I will answer”

T- TithingHow much are you really worth, if you cam give the value of your service...Knowing who you are connected

H – Having goals and having dreamsTo the degree of your self worthies to the degree of your life

Being Perfect.....

Perfect is not just winning...

Being perfect is about you and your relationship to yourself, your family and your friends…

Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye…

And you know that you did not let them down.Because you told them the truth and

the truth is that you did everything that you could,

there was not one more thing that you could have done…

Can you live in that moment….

As best as you can, with clear eyes and love in your heart?

With joy in your heart

If you could do that, ladies & gentlemen,

Then Life is Perfectly Beautiful!!

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Why can't we let go of that somebody and of the feelings that we have for that person?
When we already know that it's time to move on and set ourselves free. What's holding us back from continuing our journey? There are other Roads to take and other doors to open but why do we keep ourselves contain ed in the same situation? When we already know that the same situation just keeps spinning in circles, when it seems like there is no end to all the things that we go thru, and yet we hang on until our patience run out, until we have sh ed the last tear drop, until every fiber of our being can no longer sustain all emotions.
Why can't we let go?
Good memorable moments for us are worth keeping. That is why we obsess over the thought or the situation, making it very difficult for us to move on. So we stay attach ed , mentally and emotionally, sometimes even sexually. We think that if we hold on to that special someone (who we think is special at that moment), that there would be a chance for things to change. And of course we always think that things would change for the better
For that matter, we give that "somebody" so many chances, we give ourselves reasons or should I say "excuses" not to end the so call ed "relationship". In the end, we find ourselves hurting and crying. We find out that we are just fooling ourselves, that no matter how long we stay in that relationship or situation and how much we give, NOTHING will change for the better. Rather, things change for the worse.
So why stay? Why can't we let go?
Some people stay in relationships feeling obligat ed to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend. They get scar ed of breaking up because they think that no one else will love them and accept them for who they are. Or maybe they think that they would not find anybody better than their bf or gf. This is even after they realize that the feelings that they have had already fad ed away. Some would feel like they "owe" that other person so much because of the good intentions that that individual show ed to them. And because of this train of thought, those people feel compell ed to be in a situation that they don't want to be in. So they get stuck and would later on complain that they want out but they don't have the guts to break lose.
This is not the feeling of love or being in love, it's the feeling of being secure with the other person. Because being secure means no more pretenses, no ne ed for facades, and no ne ed for mind games, just acceptance of all that's good and bad about someone. It is true though... why would you let go of somebody who loves you very much and who accepts you for who you are?
It's hard isn't it?
But the real question is... "Are you happy?" and "do you still love this person?" If the answer is yes... then there should be no doubt in your mind that this person is the one for you. That thru thick and thin, you will be willing to go thru hell and back with him or her. But if there is doubt..... Be fair, to yourself and to that individual. You are the only person who knows what is right... you know how you really feel.
On some occasions, people are drawn together because of physical attraction and \bsexo?\b. These are the people who get together NOT because they trust, love and understanding each other but they bond together because they act upon their ne ed s and desires. Some of us might ask: "Does it ever go beyond the physical or sexual phase?" Whether we dare to admit it or not, if two people spend enough time together, often times feelings get develop ed . It may not be as strong as falling in love but the attachment and passion is still there.
When feelings grow, there may be times where one feels more than the other, that person might get emotionally attach ed without wanting those feelings in purpose. And in order for things not to get spoil ed , that person would usually try to control how he/she feels especially if he/she does not have a clear understanding of where he/she stands in the other person's life.
People who are in this kind of pr ed icament typically put their guard up in fear of rejection; in fear that the other person would not feel the way they do; or in fear that if they reveal their real intentions and feelings, the other person might lose interest. . So they get content just staying in that situation without having any emotional involvement, with no strings attach ed and no obligations. But deep inside they hurt, they cry, they wonder. On the other hand, they remain involv ed maybe because they hope that they would end up having an intimate and meaningful relationship with their partner (dream on!)
Some may be so infatuat ed with the other person that they would mistakenly consider how they feel as being "in love". They get so blind ed by each moment they spend time with that someone because it makes them feel good and want ed even for just that instant. In the bottom of their hearts, they long for that person to care for them the way they do. The truth is ... nothing will change the way that other person feels for them. It will be no more than just a physical attraction, and enjoy-for-the-moment kind of situation.
It sucks doesn't it? But that is reality.
You could never make someone like you, care for you or love you. You could only give so much but in the end if that other person still doesn't see you as someone they could spend real time with, you have to learn how to cut him/her lose because you will end up just playing the role of a "meantime" boyfriend or girlfriend, no more no less.
In every relationship, once it ends, it always leaves someone feel a sense of longing and emptiness. It is worst when things are left unsaid and unfinish ed . So people tend to hang on to the good memories they had with the other person and they end up wondering and questioning themselves of what they have done wrong or "why this, why that", "what if...", or "how if". Typical for a broken-heart ed individual but how could he or she help it? It's like having someone read you a story without telling you the ending of it. Would you not wonder about what have had happen ed or how it end ed ?
It's the same thing when someone leaves you for no reason. You tend to "think too much"; you try to look for justification for that person's actions, It's mind-boggling when all these questions are running in your head and all you have for answers are merely speculations
You keep hoping that if only you could talk to that person one more time, you might be able to get some answers and have a peace of mind once and for all (but once you do get the answer, most of the time it's not something you would want to hear). So the more you think, the harder it gets to make a new start for yourself; the harder it is to accept the fact that what you have with that someone is over; therefore, you tend to hold on to your misery longer than you ought to.
So what is there to do?
All advises from family and friends could be helpful in times of heartache. It doesn't cure the hurt and pain but at least it eases it a little. Along the way, you will find yourself having more strength to go thru the day. For a lot of people, the company of friends or even just acquaintances is the best way to keep their sanity in tact. Whichever manner you try in order for you to get by is all up to you because despite all the advises everyone tells you, "Heartbreaks will last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to go.."

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Once upon a time
there was a girl who lived on fairy tales.
she was happy in her world of princesses and happy endings...
she lived in a world
where dreams and make-believes were reality.
but the years rolled by too fast...
she had to leave her childish ways
and be the lady she had to be.
the world has so much to offer...
she had to finish a degree
and she did well on taking on a career
she always wanted to do...
but time caught up and soon
and she was forced to begin
another chapter in her life...
she had to become a woman too soon.
she dreamt of a simple life...
to build a home
and find pleasure in the simple joys it bring
but while everything seemed so easy and within reach,
somewhere along the way,
the ultimate dream failed
and the woman was left
to find herself again...

with mE are my 3 lovely kids.....MICK KRYSTIAN EARL, ROELLE ABBY and MEA ROIMELEEN