Saturday, February 3, 2007

Just go with it.....

Some say you need to have focus to be able to achieve what you want...well i dont know...maybe i have spent most of my life focusing on certain things that its only now that i realized how much i missed out on a lot of things.

In a relationship, i think its just a matter of going with the flow...dont focus too much on what should be done, how things should be done or when things should be done... stop living on the good memories and weeping over the bad times, rather just let it go...Each day comes with its own surprise.

Of course this I speak for myself. I think the world is too beautiful and people, well, they make our lives richer...from a good or bad experience, everyone, one way or another, leaves us with a special lesson or experience.

As for me, I just wanna lay back, let the sun (or rain) touch my face and smile...if today isnt good, what the heck! there's always tomorrow.

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