Saturday, February 3, 2007


Once upon a time
there was a girl who lived on fairy tales.
she was happy in her world of princesses and happy endings...
she lived in a world
where dreams and make-believes were reality.
but the years rolled by too fast...
she had to leave her childish ways
and be the lady she had to be.
the world has so much to offer...
she had to finish a degree
and she did well on taking on a career
she always wanted to do...
but time caught up and soon
and she was forced to begin
another chapter in her life...
she had to become a woman too soon.
she dreamt of a simple life...
to build a home
and find pleasure in the simple joys it bring
but while everything seemed so easy and within reach,
somewhere along the way,
the ultimate dream failed
and the woman was left
to find herself again...

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