Saturday, February 3, 2007


Most of the time people in love walks blind-folded. I dont mean to sound preaching because I went through that too. I would always find something to justify a wrong doing and even absorb the blame for arguments for the sake of having a peaceful day together.

But then I realized, am i willing to go as far as setting aside my self-respect for love? Do i consider my worth to be lesser than that of my man's? Love should make you become a better should make you grow as partners and as individuals. What you do for the other's betterment should be just as beneficial to you. Before you can love someone, love yourself first. Because at end of it all, when everything else fails you only have yourself to love you.

I used to be a disaster myself and it didnt matter to me that I looked ugly or i get treated like a doormat. Until I realized, this isnt how we started. He used to be my prince. He was the center of my affection and attraction. I could blame him but then, who's fault is it really that i let him treat me that way? MINE. So I looked hard at myself and realized that it is entirely up to me to set the direction of my life. My destiny is in my hands and I vowed that whatever happens to my life, it is because that was my choice. I never had to resent anyone.

Dont be fooled by a lover's jaded idea that you have to give or give up everything for love. Sure love makes you ecstatically happy but if you end up losing your self-respect and dignity and values, where is the love there that should be for yourself? So, how far can I go for love? As far as where it would take me...

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