Saturday, February 24, 2007


Where does negative thinking comes from?

Feeling of unworthiness - Self worth determines the quality of life you have..

S – To see yourself the way you would like to be, once you see it, you will feel it(In all areas of life health, wealth, love and success)

E- Elimination of negative thoughts and stop being critical about yourself

L- Loving yourself, despite your short coming and the way you are.“If God is w/in 100%, I am worth loving”

F- Figuring out ways to improve yourself. Begin simply, ask yourself can I improve the way I dress, walk, talk, smile, etc. etc.“if you believe in your heart, truly people like you” by being interested with them.

W- welcoming new ideas and changes…” never close your mind to new ideas”There will be changes in everybody’s life… everything is changing nothing is constant. The river looks the same but the water change.

O- Optimistic about life..One with God every day, all things are good in given time..

R- Remembering others… bday, personal notes of special to the person…How many times have you been given w/out asking.“ Before you call I will answer”

T- TithingHow much are you really worth, if you cam give the value of your service...Knowing who you are connected

H – Having goals and having dreamsTo the degree of your self worthies to the degree of your life

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