Friday, January 26, 2007

Am I on the RIGHT TRACK?????

Just asking myself this question....

My friends are asking me what makes me busy these past few days. I told them that I am on the other site, exchanging views and opinions, and what is that site? SAIPANBLOG...!!!!!

Actually, been busy also with my LABOR CASE in Saipan, the reason why i joined SAIPANBLOG, to voice out my feelings and insights about what's going on in Saipan right now...everyone in Saipan right now are talking about FEDERALIZATION, GREEN CARDS and SALARY/WAGE....

With regards to my LABOR CASE, some of my friends knew about it, especially those people who helped me out and lend a helping hand during my time in Saipan.It was filed AUGUST 2004, but until now...WALA PA RIN....!!!

So, I am figthing for my right, which I believe is the right thing to do...I did send emails to all people concern and who could possibly help me out with my it and enjoy!

email from MR. JIM BENDETTO, Federal Ombudsman in Saipan, Office of Insular affairs:

"I have forwarded your e-mails to Cris Hilario. He will take care ofyou."
Jim Benedetto
email from Mr. CHARLES REYES, Press Secretary of for the Governor Fitial, CNMI
"Ms. Duran:
Since I am not familiar with the particulars of your case, I will forward your e-mail to our Department of Labor for an appropriate response.
I am sorry about your difficulties and I do hope your questions & concerns will be properly addressed. Thank you for your e-mail. "
"Dear Ms. Duran:Thank you for furnishing additional information about your labor case. I will forward these particulars to our Labor Department.
Please be assured that we do not condone any illegal labor activities in the CNMI. We are doing our best to enforce the law given our limited and decreasing resources, in view of the present economic downturn.
Happy New Year.
Charles Reyes"
At least, they did respond on my email, which I know a way of moving step in getting there about my Labor case...whew!
And only now, got the chance to talked to Mr. Chris Hilario through overseas call and tell me that he will make a letter address to Labor Office in Saipan for immediate hearing of my Labor Case and will send some papers for me to sign...WHOA!
It is not about the money,It is about WINNING and GAINING RESPECT from oppressor who keeps on laughing about it and about RIGHTS and for employers who are abusing their employees, If i win the case...What an accomplishment!
Now, asking again myself, AM I ON THE RIGHT TRACK??????
God said " NASA TAO ANG GAWA, NASA DIYOS ANG AWA!", which mean that I have to do my part and doing it now!
God Bless Me!

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