Friday, January 26, 2007

PLF First Anniversary

January 13, Saturday...It was the celebration everyone is waiting for, the FIRST PLF (Passion, Love and Forgiveness)group ANNIVERSARY.

We, the members would like this anniversary TO BE a memorable one by doing a good will in behalf of the, thankful and grateful to all our sponsors, Elsa, Reggie, Jeff, Sarah, and more, especially the members who shared something or more so that we could go on and make it happen, our project which is the CHARITY WORK for the needy...CRIBS.
I didn't get the chance to go with them to CRIBS, blame it on the traffic jam...5 hours of travel from Laguna to Manila...whew! but, still some still go on with the project, sharing a little bit of their time and bringing some gifts to them...I SALUTE YOU!
I was in Megamall when my cellphone got BATTERY chance for me to reach where are my groupmates..teary eyed, really don't know what to do..I don't want to miss the fun! Blame it on me, for i haven't put a note where would be the anniversary venue...decided to go to Pasig, Anelle and Gina's house, Thanks to tita Lorn's, who welcome me with open arms..charged my cellphone and made some phone calls, luckily Edwin gave me the name and place where i should go.
Meeting Bhong at Robinson foodcourt was overwhelming..hayyy...thanks Bhong for picking me up and bringing me to the venue!
Inside the function..glad to see PLF members around new and old ones...met Edz, marie, sweet naive... and now i feel safe! We had fun until 11:30 pm but the night is still young and decided once again to make the most of stop BAYWALK!
At 4 am we decided to end the day...saying our goodbye's to one another...arrived here in my place safe and sound at 7 am...
Thanks everyone for this nice and good experience of GETTING LOST again but HAPPY!

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