Sunday, January 21, 2007


I sense an icy spell shadowing upon us,

I feel despair seeping through my veins,

Blurring this vision with imminent tears.

Through the mist, I see yesterday

And hear my own laughter ringing in my ears,

Mocking my moments of solitude.

Love … so sweet an endearment fitted to only you,

Someone so close, yet very far to reach

Someone my heart loves with love

More maddening than love.

I see your image teasing my imagination

I hear your voice

And listen to its soothing tone.

I feel the warmth of your kisses

Touching the very depths of my soul…

Elevating me to great heights and ecstacy.

It was a beautiful yesterday with you,
My love, but what an agonizing tomorrow.
Today, I sight with utter disbelief
My eyes are crying with unshed tears
Because it is my heart that is bleeding
Slowly killing me,
I close my eyes to ease the pain,
But I find myself staring at the vast wilderness of the sky,
Searching for the answer to the sudden coldness
You have sent my way.
I LOVE YOU … but is it all in vain?

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