Friday, January 12, 2007

TRYING to....

I've been trying to say goodbye
Trying to forget all about you
But every thought about you
Keeps rushing back into my head.
Why cant I just move on
And start loving someone new
It's cause you still have my heart
My soul, body and mind.
I tried to keep you here longer
But no longer could you wait
You needed to get rid of me
Because I couldn't fulfill you every need.
I tried to say goodbye before
But you hung up that phone on me
You don't want to talk about it
Or don't you have the courage too, to say GOODBYE
It seemed like you said you hated me
That we are not really meant for each other
Not that you didn't want to talk to me anymore.
For all the times that you have hurt me
And the times I thought you cared
I hope you can feel pain 10 times worse
Because your pain can't amount to my scars.
Why did you come back in the first place?
Was it to torment me and hurt me some more?
Did you just want to crush my heart?
And leave me laying there, crying, on the floor.
My final goodbyes
Have not come to you yet
Because one day I wish to be with you
Just once again.
Of all the times I tried to love you
With all my heart and soul
My friends were telling me to leave you
Because you were a player and you don't me anymore
But I didn't want to believe that was true.
So now I'm the one paying the price
For all the damage you've caused
Damage to my heart and mind
That can never be mended by hand,But by a true mans heart.
I tried to keep you with me
But that was all a mistake
So I'll leave you behind in the dust
And never come back never again.
I want to thank you
For at least saying you loved me and once your wife
Because those were the best words
That I ever thought there could be.
So my final goodbyes,
Are to thank you for giving me love
Or at least love I thought would be true
Till the end of time.

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