Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Why do people lie?I understand lying to keep yourself out of trouble, though I don't condone it. What I can't comprehend is distorting facts without profitable reason. Lying about looks, hobbies, material things, etc. It's all so incredibly asinine.

Why would you lie to people online? Why does it matter what they think? You're probably never going to meet them. And if you are going to, then there is no point in lying because they would eventually find out.

If you're not happy with who you are and are lying to somehow "fix" that, why not just change? Who we are is constantly changing; it never stops. If you aren't satisfied with your weight, stop eating and go work out. Don't take 50 lbs off of yourself through conversation so some stranger that lives 8 states away will think you're hot.

Why lie about hobbies? If you don't play, then you don't play tennis. Who cares? Why make up a hobby so you have something to talk about with some girl in another country? "Oh really? I mountain climb too!" It's possible to carry on a conversation without chicanery. If you are interested in that hobby or it's a skill you want to aquire, then go for it! There is no shame in telling someone that you're in the process of learning. Everyone has to start at the beginning.

So do people lie for the benefit of others or for themselves? Are they lying because in their minds, they can be whatever they want? Why make up personas? If you're that creative, write a book. There is no need to generate drama. If you are continuously lying to yourself, then you need to get some help.

Lying because of embarrassment or the will to not disappoint? Fully understood. But the fact is that it happened. It doesn't matter what happens; only what you learn from it. If you learned from the experience, then who cares? It's in the past.

Lying with someone you love and care. Why? so, you won't hurt her/him? again, eventually the truth will come out.

And my biggest vexation, lying to friends. Why? Friends are the ones that are supposed to tell the truth, the ones you can talk to about anything. And yet people continuously lie to their friends, people they consider to be their best friends. Has that phrase lost all meaning?

Lying is a sickness and I want no part in it. If you've the symptoms, keep them to yourself.

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