Friday, January 12, 2007

I WISH...........

Alone in the room, in a silent night,
Reminiscing the past, things run so fast.
But why this heart of mine kept hurting,
Why this tears keeps running on my face.
Why does everywhere i go, it's you I'm longing for.

You're so unfair, you promised me of everything,
And I said, its you all I want and nothing,more.
You promised me your LOVE,an everlasting LOVE
And I glimpsed with a smile.
I LOVE YOU more than anything else in this,world.

But, what is this now,,,,
You let me alone in this emptiness,,,
You let me suffered, am I deserving this pain?
Would you tell me, where I go wrong?
Would you tell me,"I don't love you anymore"

You're so unfair, why don't you let me start again?
Why don't you let me love again?
Why don't you let me see the brightness of tomorrow?
I'm tired of waiting when it will end.

I wish I didn't met you,,,,
I wish I didn't believed on you,,,,
I wish I didn't expect more on you,,,
I wish,, I don't LOVE you so much,,,,,,,
How I really wish..the pain will end!

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