Friday, January 26, 2007


I open my heart
to let a ray of sunlight,
I look up in the sky
Today was so clear and blue.

Why Am I like This?
i ask myself
Why there are times
i just want to hide away
behind a shadow and just drift away
I see a door openning ahead
with ray of light coming in
If i have to give up now
and not dare to continue
and walk throughall this
Then what am i living for?
What do i want in my life?
to live alone but myself and trust no one..?
Is this what i really want?
Life is so beautiful to be wasted away
when you have someone to share it with
I look up, yes i saw the stars
shinning so beautifully against
the darkness of the night
i thought they were like unfading smile
so sweetly touching the deepest
part of my heart, so vividly and so pure.
I reach out my hand to the light above me,
It's time i let go,
and put away all the fear in me
it's time i come out hiding in the dark
and embrace the bright new ray of sunlight
with the promise of a bright day ahead.

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