Monday, January 15, 2007


If you cannot stay because your heart no longer has the will
When the words I whisper to your ears no longer matter
Indeed perhaps I could never imagine the pain I caused
When in your eyes i were to be the one to uplift your world
Maybe you'd want me to hold on to your arm and pull back
If i held on long enough maybe you'd consider staying
But the chain of events have already laid out our paths
Your heart has closed its doors and I too have lost my will

If you must go on to find a man who will mend your heart
Heal the scars still burning fresh on your empty heart
Let the wind guide you and no longer my hollow words
Listen to the sound of the whirlwinds as you walk slowly
Perhaps during a silent moment you may hear my voice
Calling out your name as you bow down your head
Desperately trying to forget these steps taking you away
I too will be hoping I find a man to mend my heart

If farewells must all feel this way I wish to part silently
When two peole are no longer willling to listen to words
When doubts abound in two confused and broken hearts
But these feelings that once caused my face to smile
When a simple phone call from you took my breath away
They breathe yet a little of love in my veins for me to say
I am walking away in silence but your heart will feel
In the wind my heavy sorrow is caressing you silently

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