Friday, January 12, 2007

YOURS.....not mine!

your choice, not mine

Never will you convince me
that I caused all your unhappiness
and you are now happy now
that you're free from me

Never will you convince me
that my intentions weren't honorable
and even if you loved me
we would never have lasted

Never will you convince me
that my hurt and pain is not worthy
and we were just a mistake
for my heart says otherwise

Goodbye my love, your choice, not mine

"If one can not seem to forgive or forget, letting go might be a viable option in freeing the soul to live once again."

"Knowing personal imperfection may cause reflection of love through acceptance that dissipates guilt and a need to forgive."

"Being bombarded in life with many perspectives and judgments, may cause a person to find acceptance through exasperation and get over the guilt of it all."

"Relationships come and go within a lifetime, the lasting ones have highs and lows but somehow find a way to always endure even if only memory remains."

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